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Stories of Senegal


Posted by Shannon Colwin on


We first met Dubba years ago during an evening gathering in Pastor Joseph and Angel's compound. Dubba approached one of the women on our team and asked if she could get the team together to pray for her.  When we were gathered around her Dubba told us she was married to a Muslim witch doctor who was working in Dakar.  She wanted to attend church services in Godel but her husband wouldn't let her.  She asked that we pray that her husband would relent and allow her to attend services.  We prayed for her that evening.  A year later when we returned she told us her husband had, in fact, relented and she was attending church. 

Over the years since then, Dubba's faith has been tested time and again.  As long as we have known Dubba her husband has worked in Dakar full-time and a few years ago he took on a second wife.  He has gone back and forth allowing and not allowing her to be part the church in Godel.  A few years ago she told us her husband was not sending any money back to her to help take care of their children.  One of our translators, Antoine Jean, asked if we could come up with $100 so that she could purchase chickens to raise for her family.  We quickly put the cash together and I and Antoine Jean walked to Dubba's hut to give her the money.  When we arrived Dubba was outside her hut and she welcomed us inside.

Strangely enough her husband was sitting on the bed.  That was the first time any of us had ever seen him.  We sat down and I explained that the team cared very much about her and we had heard she could use some help.  I held out my hands with the cash in them.  As soon as she saw the money she began sobbing.  Months later I learned that after we left the hut, Dubba's husband said he had never seen love like that.  Since then we have heard rumors that Dubba's husband is becoming more open to Christ.  I have never seen him again but two years ago we had another opportunity to love Dubba's family.   On our final day in the village, a doctor on our team, Thurmond, visited the compound of Dubba's in-laws and learned the father of Dubba's husband was very sick.  Thurmond went into the hut and very quickly knew the man was septic.  He told us he would die very soon unless he could get to a hospital and get intravenous antibiotics.  We took him along and had him admitted to the hospital.  Within days he was feeling much better and a week or so later he was discharged.  Unfortunately, we also learned that shortly after returning to the village his condition worsened and he passed away.  Nevertheless, the family was very grateful. 

These trips are all about loving people.  Usually that simply means caring enough to go to the village and spend time with the people getting to know them. Sometimes it means helping someone who is in a bind such as Dubba or providing medical care to someone who cannot afford to get the care. 

Some of my favorite verses are found in 1John 3: 17-18:  "If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has not pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?  Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth."  Over the years it has been an amazing privilege to love the people of Godel in various ways but the most effective way is to simply be with them. 


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