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On Freedom Sunday, we heard from several individuals from Damascus Road about their personal experiences learning about slavery in our world and how they decided to take action and engage with organizations participating in the fight against slavery. Listen to their stories here.

Jonathon and Sylvia on Dressember

"God was so faithful in how - I don't know how much awareness I brought to other people - but how it changed me and how being faithful and just getting up and wearing a dress every day - in December - was really changing. It really changed my life."


"Tony was saying this morning that it is worth taking the effort to be uncomfortable for the rescue of people who are oppressed. This is something I have to be honest about: it does take effort, it is uncomfortable, but you can do this and it does help people."


Kirsten on Dressember

“Dressember is about being clothed in a dress so that other women and girls can be clothed not only physically, but so that they can be clothed in dignity as daughters of the King, clothed in the knowledge that they no longer have to undress to submit to the tyrannical oppression of being a slave in the sex trade. This is why we wear a dress every day throughout the frigid Wisconsin December.”

- Kirsten

Jeanie on SlaveFree Madison

“I got angry and I got fed up. I got fed up being at different meetings about human trafficking and hearing how the numbers are going up not down. I got fed up with an inadequate justice system with the laws that had not caught up with what was really going on. I got fed up with learning about the non-existent support services for exploited survivors of trafficking in Wisconsin and most of all I get fed up with clapping. ... I need to do more than just clap.”

- Jeanie

Tracie on IJM and Trades of Hope

“The reason why people are sold often is poverty and violence. ... So one of the ways we fight modern-day slavery is by giving people an opportunity to work in a dignified way in giving them dignity through job opportunity. And so when you think about what we are putting on as far as clothing, and your chocolates, and coffees, and all the things that we enjoy here, you can think about purchasing it from people that are getting paid a fair wage and you are actually changing this woman's life.”

- Tracie

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