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WE the CHURCH — The Prophets

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

How comfortable are you in your own skin? 

How confident are you that God knew what He was doing when He knit you together? 

Do you ever look at others and think, I wish I could be like them instead of like me?  

This is different from a desire to grow as a person...even to grow with God; no, is more like you want to become someone you’re not.

You ever feel that?

Two things: 1. It’s okay to feel that. 2. I want to help you understand that God made YOU on purpose (see Psalm 139:13-17), and you don’t have to strive to be someone else. God is calling you to follow Him in your skin.

This past Sunday was the second week in our WE, the CHURCH series, looking at how God designed us to have a diverse unity as His body. Specifically, we’re looking as the five foundational “gifts” He gave us so that we could be a healthy body. There are apostles, prophets, evangelist, shepherds, and teachers among us (Ephesians 4:11).

If you want to get caught up on week one (apostles), check out Justin’s blog post here. Or listen to his sermon on the website or podcast.

This week was all about the prophets among us.

Let’s give it some quick definition: the prophet is the “one who hears and listens to God.” And then shares that. The prophet wants people to hear from God and respond appropriately.

Jesus perfectly embodies the prophet. As the Word of God, literally every word that came out of his mouth was from God. But he didn’t just rely on Him being God to live as the Prophet. He lived it. Over and over, Jesus is helping people understand what the Father is saying and respond to it.

In the church today, the prophets are the ones who have a quickened ear to what the Spirit of God is saying. They have a passion to maintain a constant attentiveness to God, and they are sensitive to places where the life that God has for us and this world is broken.

The prophet cares about what God feels. God is passionate; He loves deeply and hates evil.

And so often, prophets have strong convictions. They feel deeply.

Grief, pain, joy, rejoicing, anger, love, compassion, mercy...these are in the deck of the prophet.

The prophet lives with an orientation toward God, like a vertical orientation.

And the prophet also has a horizontal orientation toward people.

Prophets will live attentive to God and then call that out of God’s people.

It often shows up in a call to repentance, which isn’t simply, “Stop doing bad things,” but rather, “I want you to hear something different and change course accordingly.”

Prophets will help people distinguish between true and false worship. We get stuck idolizing different things, and prophets help us keep our eyes on Jesus.

Prophets champion justice...because God cares about justice. We are called to live like God in this world, and that means entering the darkness with concern for the poor and marginalized.

Prophets often call God’s people to holy living. 

They are agents of change.

Prophets are often the loneliest of the five. Because they tend to challenge the status quo, they’re often misunderstood.

But do we need them? Absolutely!

If you feel a passion for a life oriented toward God, if you have a passion for justice, and holiness, if you are dissatisfied with the status quo, if your hearts breaks for the brokenness in this world, if you sense God leading and speaking, you may be wired as a prophet.

Here are some questions to ask as you seek to grow the prophetic within you:

- What do I think God is saying?

- Has He ever said anything like that before? (Test is in the Bible.)

- Does this contradict anything that God has already said? (Test it in the Bible.)

- With whom can I share this to test it? (Test it in community.)

- Will I be brave? Hearing from God, will I respond?

To the prophets among us, we need you.

We need your ears and your heart and your voice as you listen to the heart and voice of God.

I pray you grow in maturity, humility, and boldness so that we as a church can be ever-sharpened in following where God leads.

Will the prophets among us please rise?!

With you,

Pastor Shannon

P.S. If you want to catch up on the sermon from this past Sunday on the prophets, you can find it on our website or podcast.


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