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WE the CHURCH - The Evangelists

Posted by Justin Burge on

Sometimes we think we are called to go it alone.
Sometimes we think we have to be strong in all areas of faith.
Sometimes we want to be alone and in control.
God is inviting you to let go of these vain and destructive ideas.
All of these thoughts lead us to a place of greater isolation and move us further away from the Kingdom of God.
We need one another and the gifts that God has given us working in unity to be able to function as the lived presence of Jesus to our world*.
Through this series we are exploring these questions:
How has God gifted you?
How has he wired you?
What has He put in your hand to serve the Kingdom of God where you are?
This past week we explored the gift of the Evangelists among us.
The Evangelist is the “one who proclaims good news,” specifically the Good News of Jesus.
Often times we call this Good News “the Gospel”.
The Gospel in its most basic form is this: “Jesus Christ is Lord.”
And this means something! Jesus as Lord means that salvation and forgiveness are offered to the world through Him. It is that God saw us in our most vulnerable state and chose to show His great love for us and save us from ourselves1.
Jesus is the Good News and He proclaims Himself to the world — making Him the model Evangelist.
Throughout scripture Jesus is proclaiming the Good News of who He is and what He is able to offer by saying things like, “I offer you living water, and the water I give will be a spring welling up to eternal life,2 “I am the Messiah for whom you have been waiting,3” and, “I came to seek and save the lost.4
In the Church today the evangelists are the people who are filled with compassion for the non-believers in the world around them.
- They see the lost, rejected, marginalized, and the non-believers among us.
- They are people who are aware of the reality that Jesus is Lord and how this reality is life-changing for all of those who come to know it.
- They remind the church that there are non-believers who are desperately in need of experiencing the Good News of Jesus Christ
The primary question of the evangelist is, “Are there new people being added to the kingdom?”
The evangelist is also aware of how the Gospel has specifically been good news to them. For example, God has shown His goodness to me throughout life by His faithfulness. Whenever life gets hard, whenever things get dark, even when it is agonizing, I trust and see God's faithfulness in and through these seasons. God’s faithfulness will always be a part of the good news of Jesus when I share Jesus with others.
What is the good news Jesus has given you?
Another question the evangelist is always aware of is, “Who has God placed in my path today who might be open to the good news of Jesus?”
We call these people: people of peace.
You can know if someone is a person of peace if they:
- Listen to you. — They hear you and allow you to have a level of authority in their life.
- Welcome you. — They invite you into vulnerable spaces — ie: their home, hobbies, relationships.
- Serve you. — They see a need of yours and freely meet it with joy.
A person of peace is someone whom God might be calling you to take the time to share life with. The role of evangelist isn’t just about getting people to say yes to Jesus and moving on to the next person who needs Jesus. The evangelist understands that evangelism is about sharing life with the people of peace in our life and walking with them towards Jesus.
Depending on the people of peace God brings across your path, you might have 5 minutes with them to share life and walk with them towards Jesus, or you might have the privilege of spending years in shared life with someone. No matter the time we have, the goal is always to move with someone one step closer towards the good news of Jesus.
If you feel like God is growing you in the gifting of the evangelist, some questions you might ask yourself are:
- What is the good news that Jesus has given me?
- Do I live out my faith in public life marked with humility, gentleness, and respect?
- Who are the people of peace in my life?
- How is Jesus inviting me to share life with them?
- What is the good news they need to hear/experience that Jesus offers?
The church is ever in need of the evangelists among us to rise up! The world around us is yearning for the Good News of Jesus to reach their lives. The number of non-believers who I encounter who tell me that they would reconsider faith if they met more people who lived like Jesus (read: lived out the good news of Jesus) is astounding. What this tells us is that WE, the CHURCH need to rise together to be the lived presence of Jesus to the world. Will the evangelists among us please rise and bring the rest of us with you?!
“Beautiful are the feet who bring good news!” - Romans 10:15
With you,
Pastor Justin
PS: If you would like to catch up on this series please check out the podcast here, or our other blog posts here.



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