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Toward the Far Country

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I grew up reading and watching stories of distant lands, far countries, and galaxies far, far away. They stretched my imagination and wonder. Often, the characters in the stories were called to leave the comfort and security of home because they were needed elsewhere. In some of those stories, the characters actually woke up to realize the world they thought they knew was not their home at all. Their eyes were opened, and everything changed.
What if God wants the same for us? One of the major threads running through the Bible is the idea that this world is not our home, that we are citizens of a far country. Rather than settling into comfort, God calls His people to set their sights on Him. I think about the examples of Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jesus, and Paul, among many others, and I am moved. I realize that I have a tendency to settle for safety. Complacency creeps in, and I am content on my couch.
But what if God wants to open our eyes to a life lived toward the far  country – toward a life with Him? What if that realization could launch us on a God-directed mission? And what if God Himself, through His Spirit, empowered the whole process?
I am so excited to launch into this Fall as we embark on a trilogy of series: Far Country, Mission, Power. Chapter 1 begins September 11.  Let’s set our sights on the Far Country!
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