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Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I am unsettled.
We’ve recently finished spending time in our Far Country series looking at what it means to be in this world but not of it. How does God call us to engage in this world and yet stay distinct from this world, keeping our eyes on our true home? Honestly, I find it’s much harder to actually live this than to simply affirm it.
What am I holding onto too tightly? What am I failing to do? What is God calling out of me? Of us? I think it’s a gift of God’s grace to be able to recognize the tension and be unsettled. It means there is something yet to be done, something yet to become.
“Where do we go from here?” Once our eyes are opened to the reality that God calls us to live distinct in this world so that we can be a blessing in this world (Genesis 12:1-2), we are left with that question. Where do we go from here? To what is God calling us?
I’m excited to move our Far Country conversation into the next chapter: Mission. I believe exciting days are ahead of us at DRC. They will likely be unsettling as we stretch beyond comfort into the mission God gives us. Let’s find our security in Christ as we take risks for Christ’s Kingdom.
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