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Damascus Road May Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

God has a history of working in and through young people. The Bible is full examples of young people who did extraordinary things with God. David was a boy when he defeated the giant. Josiah was only 8 when he became king, and he led the entire nation of Judah back to God. Esther saved a nation by her bravery as a young woman. Mary may not have even reached 13 when God gave her the privilege and responsibility of becoming Jesus’ mother. It’s likely that most of Jesus’ twelve closest disciples were still in their teen years.
In the fifteen years I served in fulltime student ministry, I watched God do some amazing things in the lives of young people. I had a front-row seat to seeing eyes opened to Jesus, hearts softened toward others, and impact made in our world.
I’m convinced that God has wonderful chapters to write in the lives of the young people here at Damascus Road. For years, we have served our young kids well. And we are on the cusp of a new era in the lives of our middle and high school students. As Justin comes on full-time in August, part of his role will be leading the charge for student ministry. My heart is bursting with eagerness to see what God has in store!
I have a request.  Will you pray?  Pray for God to continue to open the eyes of our young people to Who He is. Pray for softened and moldable young hearts. Pray for faithfulness for us as a church.
I’m excited for what is coming!
With you,


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