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Damascus Road March Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I drew a line in the sand. Literally. We were coming to the end of our week in Mexico where we had built a home and a friendship with a family there, but there was still something to be done, an invitation to be made. Because I don’t believe Jesus is interested in us just doing good things. I believe he wants to meet us in the deepest places of who we are and offer a life that is changed from the inside out. I also believe it requires repentance – a decision to leave the old life behind and to trust Jesus.
Baptism offers a beautiful image of what happens when we turn toward and trust Jesus. Going down under the water symbolizes the old life being put to death. And then we rise again in the new life, following Jesus. It’s a powerful symbol! It’s also a declaration. Baptism is telling others you mean it – that you trust Jesus and want to live for Him every day.
So after a week full of questions and conversations, we had taken the day to visit the Pacific Ocean. I drew a line in the sand and told students that it could be the day that they leave their old, dying life behind and step into the life Jesus offers. We’re coming up on an Easter, where we celebrate Christ’s victory over death. Death could not hold Him. The grave did not win. Jesus defeated the enemy when his heart started beating again and air rushed back into his lungs! And now He offers this life to us!
Maybe this Easter is your day. Could it be the day you draw a line in the sand and celebrate the life Jesus has given you as you declare your allegiance to Him by getting baptized? As a church, we want to celebrate this as we worship together. Consider this an invitation. If this is you, would you let someone know?
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