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Damascus Road February Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

Kids are a gift. One of the things that I have loved recently is being able to pray for our DRC kids every week before they head to their classrooms. It is a joy to see their bright faces and the excitement they have. I want them to know they are growing up in a church community that loves them and that they have a God who loves them.

I believe children are close to the heart of God. We can see it in the way Jesus treats them and gives them honor (Matthew 19:14). The Bible directly says that children are a gift (Psalm 127:3), and we’re told to teach our kids what it looks like to love God and be loved by Him (Deuteronomy 6:4-7).

This month, we want to celebrate kids with Parent-Child Dedications. Parenting is a wonderful privilege and a tremendous responsibility. At Damascus Road, we recognize how challenging the parenting role is, so we offer parents the opportunity to dedicate themselves and their children to the Lord. This    isn’t baptism for the child, and it doesn’t change anyone’s standing before God. Rather, it is a covenant made by moms and dads before God and their church family, committing themselves to do all they know how to do to raise their children in a God-honoring home and to know the Lord personally someday. And we as a church commit ourselves to these families to do everything we can to help them raise their kids to know Jesus.

Kids are a gift. Serve them well!

With you,


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