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Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I am unsettled. We’ve recently finished spending time in our Far Country series looking at what it means to be in this world but not of it. How does God call us to engage in this world and yet stay distinct from this world, keeping our eyes on our true home?...

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Damascus Road May Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

God has a history of working in and through young people. The Bible is full examples of young people who did extraordinary things with God. David was a boy when he defeated the giant. Josiah was only 8 when he became king, and he led the entire nation of Judah back to God. Esther saved a nation...

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Damascus Road March Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I drew a line in the sand. Literally. We were coming to the end of our week in Mexico where we had built a home and a friendship with a family there, but there was still something to be done, an invitation to be made. Because I don’t believe Jesus is interested in us just doing good...

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Damascus Road February Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

Kids are a gift. One of the things that I have loved recently is being able to pray for our DRC kids every week before they head to their classrooms. It is a joy to see their bright faces and the excitement they have. I want them to know they are growing up in a church community that loves them...

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