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Damascus Road May Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

God has a history of working in and through young people. The Bible is full examples of young people who did extraordinary things with God. David was a boy when he defeated the giant. Josiah was only 8 when he became king, and he led the entire nation of Judah back to God. Esther saved a nation...

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Damascus Road March Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

I drew a line in the sand. Literally. We were coming to the end of our week in Mexico where we had built a home and a friendship with a family there, but there was still something to be done, an invitation to be made. Because I don’t believe Jesus is interested in us just doing good...

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Damascus Road February Newsletter

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

Kids are a gift. One of the things that I have loved recently is being able to pray for our DRC kids every week before they head to their classrooms. It is a joy to see their bright faces and the excitement they have. I want them to know they are growing up in a church community that loves them...

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