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40 Days of Prayer for Justice & Racial Reconciliation

Posted by Shannon Colwin on

2020 has been eye-opening for many with regard to racial injustice.
The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd once again revealed brokenness in our world and reignited a cry for justice.
Many of us don’t have any idea what to do.
There’s sadness, anger, misunderstanding, fear, and many other emotions.
But there is also hope!
The God of the Bible is the God of both justice and reconciliation.
We believe healing is found in Him.
Rather than prescribe specific actions for all of us to take,
we want to posture ourselves to listen.
Our goal is to seek God,
listen to His voice,
and then respond to how He leads.
Beginning August 9, will you join with the Damascus Road Family
and take some time every day for these 40 days to pray,
asking God to stir your heart?
We’re going to follow a similar pattern every day.
There will be one main passage of Scripture to read every day.
And we’ll the break the word “PRAY” into four parts:
Pause - We slow down to intentionally listen to God.
Rejoice & Reflect - We celebrate God and His Good News revealed in Scripture.
Ask - We ask God to show us places where our world and our hearts need more of His Kingdom.
Yield - As we hear from God, we respond with obedience.
Our Scripture passages will largely be passages about justice and reconciliation mixed with a walk through the book of Ephesians - which is a wonderful picture of God’s blueprint for His church. (Who is God? Who are we? How then shall we live?)
We are confident that God is on the move
and that He will lead us into next steps.


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