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This has for sure been a year or surprises. We’ve felt the pain of not being able to gather in person, and it has been incredibly difficult to see clearly - often with more questions than answers. We know this is clear though...God wastes nothing. He uses everything for His glory and the good of His people.

Both as a response to the pandemic and an intentional change, we've shifted away from a central, weekly gathering and have moved toward smaller expressions of the church that we're calling DRC Neighborhoods - a network of smaller communities (micro-churches) that will meet regularly in their neighborhoods to worship, pray, and grow in relationships while looking for ways to love their neighbors together. Each micro-church is run in a “WE, the church” style, empowering and equipping the entire body to use the gifts God has given all of us. It’s a move toward multiplication. We’ve changed from one primary gathering to multiple gatherings throughout the Madison area.

In this move, we're taking steps to shift our culture - from a consumer culture toward a discipleship culture, from a passive faith to an active one.

We're pursuing a passionate faith and relationship with God. 

We're pursuing radical community where you are known and loved and offer that to one another.

We're pursuing lives of missionary zeal…where our heart for our neighbors to know Jesus shapes the way we live.

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