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Dressember Dress Swap - Worship & Prayer Night

Dressember Dress Swap - Worship & Prayer Night

Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 7:45 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Damascus Road Church (Madison), 1702 S. Park St. Madison, WI, Madison, WI US 53713

Coordinator: Kirsten Tucci

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Come join us as we swap dresses, worship, and pray as we prepare for the month of Dressember. 

The dress swap will begin at 7:00 

Worship and prayer will begin at 7:45

If you'd like to change your look up a bit this Dressember, bring a dress or two ( or more if you have them!) and we'll swap our goods with each other, so we can start the month fun and fresh! ;)

We are convinced that "In worship we uniquely encounter grace for the justice journey.  We remember that we too are unjust and need forgiveness from the God of justice.  In worship we remember that we are limited, but have been granted access to the One without limits. 
In worship our individual doubts seem less dramatic and lose power. [It] connects us to one another ... and to the oppressed. 
Both worship and justice proclaim and declare God's lordship over all- including evil, including oppression."  -Bethany Hoang Deepening the Soul for Justice 
Come, pour out your hearts in prayer and worship with us, as we prepare our hearts for the Dressember and holiday season. We want to fight the good fight together, knowing we are hearing the voice of the Beloved amidst the fight. 
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