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Kid's Church

Damascus Road is committed to investing into our future generation!

Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to the little children.” Mathew 11:25 Damascus Road is committed to investing in families through our future generation. Scripture teaches us that every child is valuable, created uniquely and blessed by God. We take our responsibility as stewards of these lives very seriously and with great joy.


Raise a generation of kids who follow Jesus

We believe that Sunday morning classes are an opportunity to partner with parents and caregivers so that we can raise a generation of kids who follow Jesus and know they are loved by God and the DR community. Our classes are broken into three groups: 1-2 years (Nursery), 3-5 years (Pre-School) and elementary school aged (grades K-5). We also offer a “Cry Room” for families with very young children where the child can safely play.


We are partnering with The Gospel Project to bring your kids a wonderful and fun way to learn about the Bible. This program uses a chronological approach so that kids can see and understand better the relationship of ALL the people discussed in the Bible, from Adam and Eve to Jesus. There are fun activities, songs and videos that help kids to discuss and better understand each lesson. We are confident that your child will find this program inviting and fun to experience. To learn more, please check out the video!

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Join the kids' team

Be a Witness! Influence young lives for Jesus!

In Deuteronomy 6:7 God says that we are to take His commandments and "Impress them on your children," talking about them constantly! Some kids never talk about Jesus at home, even if their family attends church. Other kids learn about God in the home, but parents need a helping hand to guide the discussion.

Join the kids' team. Be part of the discussion to bless kids and families! Opportunities to Serve:

  • Room Helper (Nursery, Pre-School, Elementary)
  • Teacher (Nursery, Pre-School, Elementary)

Volunteers are a vital part of children's ministry. They lead by example, show God's love and have a great time doing it.  To sign up and help partner in this great adventure please contact:


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